Entry and Exit Confessions of a Champion Trader E-Book by Kevin J Davey


Categories: Business & Economics, Investing
Author ‏: Kevin J Davey
Year: 2019
Edition: 1
Language: English
Pages: 214
File: PDF, 1.87 MB
Supported on ‏: Desktop, Laptop & Mobile


Entry and Exit Confessions of a Champion Trader: 52 Ways A Professional Speculator Gets In And Out Of The Stock, Futures, And Forex Markets.

Are you looking for trading entry and exit ideas? If so, this book is just what you need. This informative guide includes 41 entry ideas, 11 exit ideas, and code in Trade station format and plain English for each. Each entry and exit has been used in actual strategies by Champion trader Kevin J. Davey. Also included are detailed steps for how best to incorporate these entries and exits in your own trading. Start building strategies today with these fully described entries and exits!

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