Options 101 E-Book by Steve Burns & Holly Burns


Categories: Business & Economics, Investing
Author ‏: Steve Burns & Holly Burns
Year: 2016
Edition: 1
Language: English
Pages: 41
File: PDF, 878 KB
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Options 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Options in the Stock Market

A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Options in the Stock Market

Learn to avoid pitfalls that can blow up your account and be a profitable options trader.
Benefit from someone with more than 20 years experience

Steve has done the research so you don’t have to. Many people think that options are too dangerous, but Steve effortlessly guides you through the principles of safe and successful options trading.
Avoid stress and make money

These principles will help you build a strong trading foundation and keep you from succumbing to stressful situations that will cost you money. Don’t over-leverage yourself, cause yourself unnecessary stress, and risk your capital.
In this book you will learn:

-Option Basics

-Stock Options as Trading Tools

-How to Increase Your Options

-How Stock Options Are Priced

-The Greeks

-Common Mistakes Option Traders Make

-Risk Management with Stock Options

-The Truth About Weekly Options

-This is How I Roll

-How NOT To Use Options

-Does Selling Option Premium Give You an Edge?
Become a successful options trader

If you’re looking for a new tool for your trading toolbox, trading options may be just the ticket. You can learn more about options at New Trader U and New Trader University, or by following Steve on Twitter

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